Make Money Posting

Members pay you to view your posts, pictures and videos

Simple Idea

If you have ever asked yourself "What can I sell to make money?" Here is your answer! Get paid to do what you already do.

Our Idea

Social Media is a everyday part of life. People post pictures, post videos, and share their everday lives with total strangers for free. Why wouldnt you want to get paid for this?

The idea is simple.
People pay to see your posts. It costs $1 to be someones friend and that friendship last for 30 days. Its like subscribing to a magazine. The person who received the request receives $.50 per friend every 30 days. Do the math, 1000 friends $500..Every 30 days for doing what you already do.

You Make Money Posting
This is as real as it gets. I am just a ordinary person who is sick of companies making millions while we are the ones doing all the work.

Samples Of What You Can Do

You Can Make Money Doing What You Already Do! So Why Not Try It? It Is Free!

Company News

Nov. 2016
Launch of the site